A Tale of Icarus Part 2
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“Father look!  The birds, they’re playing!” Perdix giggles happily over the parapet.

“Perdix!  No!” Icarus screams.



Tremors wrack Icarus' body and his foot slips. He falls toward the edge of the parapet, his heart beating out of his chest. “Father!”  He screams.

Not even looking up from the piles of parchment on the rickety table Daedalus answers, “Icarus, get in from there, there’s work to be done this day.”

Icarus breaths heavily, straining his shoulders as he pulls himself back over the parapet and lowers himself to the ground.  He runs the sandy grit between his fingers, the coarseness of it, the crunch it makes.  He grinds a handful in h...

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