A Tale of Icarus Part 1
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“No! Please! I have done nothing wrong!” a young boy cries.

“Quiet!  You think you can surpass me! I will take care of you. You will not come bothering me again!”

Icarus screams, “Perdix! No!”



“Icarus.  Icarus!”

Icarus jumps, “Oh.  Yes, Father?”

“What is it you’re looking at?”

“Nothing Father, just the sea.”

Returning his gaze, Icarus looks out upon the waters.  The crystal clear water; bluer as the eye reaches the horizon.  The golden sands, stretching along the Labyrinth like the belt on the belly of a man well fed, and the sun with its gaze looming down upon him in all of its heat and anger.  This majesty was Icar...

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Table of Contents

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