To Serve Him Part 2
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When I am finally within the safety of my dorm I stretch my sore cheek muscles and yawn, my jaw cracking with the effort. My sparse furnishings made of worn wood polished to shine with age and oils, greet me with their familiar smell. This tiny room is the only thing I can call my own, and even it belongs to the Hall. I can still hear the sheep I live walking past my door, their laughter and excitement splashing upon the hardwood like water on sand. My windowless room provides a private place, and I pull open a drawer in my dresser and retrieve a small wooden box. Inside I rifle through the tiny trinkets I have smuggled back onto the compound over the years as a Runner. I run my fingers over a small bit of silk, a rock with a little snail embedded within it, and a piece of card with an advertis...

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Table of Contents

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