To Serve Him Part 1
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The packed hall was an oddity; everyone had come to hear Him give his lecture. The young ones sat on mats at his feet, their rapt attention hanging on every word He says, evident by their slack mouths and glazed eyes. Youngones with their parents and the entire compound's population of singletons fill the benches. I sit back, mimicking their blank stares.

He was of course at the front, the fabric of his perfectly pressed suit softly swishing with every step he takes. The sound is nothing but a whisper in the large hall, but it rings in my ears like thunder.

My gaze wanders to the high and ornately carved ceiling. Depictions of His teachings dance with one another along the elegant maple wood. A man and a woman are locked in an embrace, their arms mingling with vines that spread out from the...

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Table of Contents

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