The Bargain
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"I'll do it." The man said fervently.
"Do not forget our deal," a shadowy figure hissed before the world went black.
Margaret stopped in her tracks, "it can't be." She back peddled a few steps to stare at the poster in front of her. "Brian Lane cordially invites you to witness the greatest of hilarities. September the 7th, 18:00" she looked up at the signage above her and sure enough, Brian lane, her ex-fiancé was headlining the largest theater in London. “There’s no way this is real, Brian… what?” She couldn’t even comprehend the screwed up wannabe comedian she knew filling a pub night. She quickly snapped a picture of the poster with her cell and continued to work, dialing her girlfriend as she went.
“Hiya M!&r...

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Table of Contents

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