A Foot in Both Worlds
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 She tiptoed past the sleeping angels, fairies, and woodland creatures. She clutched her robes in one hand, and a compass in the other. A nymph was nothing without their robes and compass.
Everyone laughed at her and her green hair, for normally nymphs had hair the color of golden wheat or mahogany wood, but not her. Her hair was the shade of moss growing on the north side of trees. It was said in their village that she was what happened with the gods intermingled. She understood where they were coming from, as she was both nymph and elf. Her entire life she spent straddling both sides of her race, never accepted by one or the other. The wood elves treated her with respect and a godly level of affection, for having a green haired elf was said to be a gift from the gods. While the nymp...

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