There's Something in the Rafters
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    “LEO, GET DOWN HERE!” my mother called from downstairs. I was currently hiding in the attic away from her and her overly friendly boyfriend, Mike. He loved the stupid game of ‘pull my finger, ’ and if he made farting noises and flung spittle on me one more time, I swear. I wouldn’t just run away from home, and I’d burn it down on my way out. 
    My mom was a hard-working woman, but she’d fallen on hard times since my dad died three years ago, and with me going off to college next year, she tried her best, but that meant she wasn’t always around. What little she was, Mike was often here too. 
    “LEONORA BALDEN, RIGHT THIS MINUTE.” mom shouted again. 
    I loved our attic, mostly be...

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Table of Contents

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