Thia and Hiyu
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    “I think this was a bad plan, Thia.”
    My niece was adorable, being a goddess never stopped her, or I from getting into trouble, but here she was fretting over a little prank on dear old grandpa Reu. “Hiyu, there’s nothing to worry about. Grandpa Reu may be a stuffy old codger, but we’re his family, it’ll be okay.
    “Thia, the humans are fighting this time. There’s been bloodshed.” She picked up her sweeping white robes and hustled along beside me. 
    “We’ll how were we supposed to know they’d revolt? Besides, we were bored. Everyone knows we get into trouble when we’re bored.” I pushed open the multi-story double doors and began the short climb up a gilded staircase that led to gra...

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