Strength, Courage and Confidence
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“Rachel, what is wrong with you?” my best friend, Roseanna shouted in the middle of the quiet restaurant we were currently eating in. 
    “I’m sorry, but you know I’m right. Jerome is a sleazeball, and he’s cheating, on you. You deserve better.” I said without a filter.
    “I can’t believe you said that you have no right!” Roseanna slid her chair back with a screech and slammed her palm on the table as she loomed over me. “What has gotten into you?”
    I stood quietly and smiled, “Oh, what, you mean Rachel the doormat? Rachel the pushover, or Rachel, the gopher?” I purposefully picked up my purse, my hands shaking, but I tried to hide it. “She’s gone Roseanna; she’s been t...

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Table of Contents

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