The Magician's Apprentice
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Everyone was watching her. She saw them from the stage, their faces and passive, their bodies still. It was as if the air had been sucked out of the room and replaced with fear. No one moved, no one breathe. Except her. She still on that stage knowing full well she was about to die. Magic was real, and over the years of her practicing, it should become quite good at it. But everything has to end, and tonight would be hers. 
Three hours prior, she was behind stage applying her makeup and curling her hair. The other showgirls chattered around her; their excitement was palpable. She was tired, she been doing the show for nearly 30 years, and now that her youth was fleeing she had nothing left to give to her performance. Her role is to be beautiful to draw the attention of the viewers to blind t...

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Table of Contents

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