The Lonely Manor
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It had been quiet, too quiet. No one roamed the empty house as the serving staff had departed hours prior. Marco paced the large manor house, his hands in his pockets, a frown upon his brow. He knew it was too soon to be worried, but there was nothing he’d told himself that had worked to lessen his nerves. It wasn’t every day that he had guests and no servants, but he hadn’t told Emila that his staff was off for the week, so he had a lot of work to do before her arrival. 
As he meandered through the house, taking in all of the antique furniture, the priceless art, and the expensive rugs, he couldn’t help but feel alone. Of all the years he’d lived within the manor walls, he couldn’t think of one happy memory. His parents were unattentive, and nannies were a re...

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Table of Contents

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