Everyone for Themself
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The room was quiet except for the soft hum of machinery. The air was thick with ozone from the electrics and Marco tried to relax. This wasn't his first download, but they still made him nervous nonetheless.

A soft whoosh from behind him made him involuntarily tense up. His proctor had arrived, it wouldn't be long now. From where he reclined in the metal chair covered with wires, he wouldn't be able to see the Proctor, but that made the process a bit easier. Sounds of hydraulics and gears clicking grew closer, and he closed his eyes. A few minutes later he felt the protective caps on his temples recede and his ports open. He held his breath, and in just a few heartbeats two needle rods pierced the openings and clicked into place. His eyes shot open, and his jaw dropped wordlessly. His eye is...

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