One Boulder at a Time
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Randy smiled as he stepped atop his first milestone. One Boulder at the top of the mountain and suddenly he felt as if he conquered the world. From his perch, he could see forever into the distance. The valley below him, the forest meeting the meadow, and way off into the distance, the faint outline of a city on the horizon. He loved that city, breathed it. Hated it. That's why this was such a huge milestone for him and his future. He owns this land, and this was going to be where he built his house. He jumped down from the rock and smiled at the crunching of leaves under his hiking boots. He sat down and leaned his back against the pine tree that shadowed his lookout spot. These two would be staying he'd make sure of it. Every house needed a quiet place, and this one was starting to grow...

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Table of Contents

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