Seeing the World Through Another's Eyes
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I held out my hand, hoping she would slip hers into it. My breath stopped in my lungs, and the world drifted on around me. All I could hear was the wind whipping past my ears and the quiet purr coming from our SightGlider. Her brows creased in worry and she looked at my outstretched palm with a cock of her head before slowly lifting her hand and gaze to place them into my care. The moment I closed my fingers around hers, my face erupted in a smile I could no longer contain. I carefully helped her up the three small steps and into the glass bubble of our SightGlidder. Her eyes traced every detail of the vehicle as I settled her in and buckled the restraints around her. As I finished, she nodded and the smile I was hoping for broke across her face. I tapped her knee before closing the side door and...

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Table of Contents

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