Dirty Martini
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"Michelle! Come join us!" one of my friends from work shouted.

I raised my hand to placate her and gave her the "I'll be there in a second gesture ." I was out celebrating my best friends engagement and yesterday I saw her partner kissing another person. I needed another drink. "Martini. Dirty." I said to the bartender over the repetitive base that pulsed all around us.

He winked and went about making my drink with flourishes and parlor tricks. When he placed my glass before me, he leaned in next to it and smiled. “Penny for your thoughts?” He flashed a charming smile. “I’m Sebastian, and I hear that bartenders are the poor man’s therapist.”

I rolled my eyes and took a sip of my drink.

He widened his eyes in mock shock, &...

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Table of Contents

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