Going a New Direction
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If one more person told me to calm down, I would go nuclear. My project was canceled indefinitely, my office given to the world’s most sexist intern, and now they are telling me to calm down.

"Rea, why don't you go to the café and get yourself a coffee and come back in an hour or so." My director said as if I were a child. Considering this was a man who couldn't arrive prepared or on time to a function without me nagging him, I wasn't sure which of us was the child.

"John. I don't need to calm down. I want to know why you're doing this to me. Are you not satisfied with my work? I've given everything to this job, and you know that."

“It’s not that Rea, and you know that. The company is going in a different direction and…&rd...

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Table of Contents

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