To be Good... or to be Evil...
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I wanted so badly to be good. Or at least that's what I told myself. I know now that I wanted people to think me good, but I don't actually want to change.

All my life people have wanted me to be good, "treat people nicely," "respect your elders," "be worthy." Worthy of who? Why can't I be worthy of myself?

Well, starting today, I will be! No more being someone I am not meant to be, I vow to be myself from here on out. The young woman, dressed in a flowing white gown and hair in ringlet curls, crossed a lavish bedroom to a gold mirror. She looked at her reflection, her crystal blue eyes piercing and bright. The backdrop of white silk drapes, cream-colored couches, and fluffy duvets made her grind her teeth.

She closed her eyes and concentration cr...

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