The Arena
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I pumped my arms by my sides, trying to propel myself forward and out of the grasp of the beast in front of me. With every step I took away from it, it gained two on me. I would never win. It was impossible. But I had no choice, to fail was to die, and I refuse to die to that monster and his pet beast.

I slammed my palms down on the obstacle in my past and catapulted myself through the air. I wasn't fast enough. I felt the breath on my neck and the ripples of air from its claws. At first, I felt nothing hoping I'd misjudged my other senses, but then the pain came. I lost track of the beast's second forepaw, and it caught me left side and raked my flesh bloody. It felt like fire, and I knew that even if I survived the Arena, I would not live a cycle of the moon.


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Table of Contents

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