The Lonely Escort
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Everyone was afraid of him, and he did not know why he was just doing his job after all. Being the Grim Reaper was painful, and lonely. No one ever thought he was there to help, they all ran in fear. He wasn't death, that was his boss, his job is to help the deceased make it to the afterlife safely. He was a guide, not the decision-maker. He had no power over who's time it was. Sure maybe his uniform made him a bit intimidating, all black surely made a statement. But the scythe was merely defensive just in case they run into trouble. Typically all of the distance did not bother him, but today he did. For no real reason, today his self-pity threatened to overwhelm him.

He pulled himself from his bed and draped his robes over his shoulders and pulled up his hood. He sighed and grabbe...

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