The Boy in the Trees
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A young boy stood amidst the green and blue. At his feet, soft moss and ferns, ivy wounds its way to the trunk of trees and over rocks. Blue sky stretched out above him and off into the distance. He stood in nothing but his skin, darkened from the sun and feet dirty from the soil. His hair fell in waves along his back, and he looked across the clearing with vibrant amber eyes. He beckons you to him, and your feet move on their own accord. You stop half a dozen paces before him as he reaches out his hand. Small golden wings ripple as his fingers unfurl and a beautiful butterfly looks up at you.

You take another step towards a boy and his companion, but it flutters up and over to you, hovering in front of your face. With the softest of touches, it lands on your nose and spreads its wings o...

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Table of Contents

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