Mother Nature's Grief
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"You have to do something father; she can't continue like this." Said a young woman draped in pale gray velvet. Her deep black hair was set off by her crimson eyes and blood red lips.

"What do you expect from me daughter? Your mother is grieving."

The young woman leveled her gaze at the noble man before her. Creases wrinkled his brow from the many times he was found deep in thought, wrapped up in a book, ink staining his fingers.

"Father, for the Keeper of all knowledge, you are blinded by Mother. Her sadness has killed thousands of humans. Her tears flood the land, and her shaking cracks the world with earthquakes. I know she's grieving, and she should be, losing a son is not something she should be numb to, but too many deaths before their time, and it wi...

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Table of Contents

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