Second-hand Benefits
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Rob slipped his hands into his trouser pockets and sucked in a deep lung full of the night air. He listened to the click of his shoes on the pavement, echoing off of the buildings around him. Rob had left the office later than normal, a big deal sat drafted and ready to be signed first thing tomorrow. His offer was ruthless, but he wasn't known for being an indulgent negotiator, he was known to be a hardass and using others to get what he wanted and then moving on.

With his focus back at the office, he wasn't watching his footing as carefully as he should've been and he slipped off the curb and into a puddle. Water seeped through his pant leg, shoe and sock. He groaned and shook his shoe, splattering water in every direction. Rob cursed and reached down to wring out the leg of his pants...

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