Castles and Guns
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Riley watched as her little boy built a sandcastle a few feet from her. He talked to his imaginary friend and squelched his fingers in the shifting sand before playfully throwing some into the waves. She smiled and closed her eyes, soaking up the sun that beat down on her skin. Jaden loved the beach, and she loved watching him enjoy it. He begged her that morning to take him to the water so he could build a castle for his friends to live in.

Jaden's giggle brought her back to reality, and she watched him splash in a small wave as he tried to save his castle moat from flooding. He waved to her before flopping back to his knees and punching his tiny red shovel into the sand. She watched him continue to build for few minutes. But he shifted to digging furiously, and she got up and went to see...

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Table of Contents

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