A New Adventure
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I was in a castle! A real and truly totally awesome castle! "Eeeeee!" I squealed and danced in a circle in the cobblestone entry. I dropped my bag and did the sprinkler before switching to the robot.

"Ahem..." a gruff voice said interrupting my very embarrassing lack of rhythm.

"Oh!" I dropped my hands to my sides and felt my face flush. I just couldn't turn around I was too mortified.

"Miss Peterson I presume?" The old man asked, and I could feel his amusement in each word he said.

I closed my eyes and turned around slowly. "Guilty, but right now I'd rather be anyone else. How embarrassing."

Across the room under and alcove was a small man, bent and withered with age. He wore khaki pants and a wool sweater and was shaking a...

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Table of Contents

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