Business Circuit
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I walked up and down the hallways as some nameless, faceless human; no one noticed me. No one said hello or asked how I was doing. Only one person looked at me but quickly averted their eyes. Everyone else just kept walking.

Sure I looked calm on the outside. My arms were swinging lightly at my sides, a bland expression on my face, and I wasn't speaking to anyone one. That was just the outside.

Inside of my polished dress shoes and pressed suit, I was raging. I knew I could do better. I knew I needed to get back to work and meet my quota, but I was too... tired.

Everything about my life tired me. My wife and her tiny purse dog always yipping at me. My boss and his incessant need for perfection. I just needed a break. Maybe I would find somewhere I could go for peace an...

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Table of Contents

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