Whispers to the Heart (2)
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the last mouthful.  She pulls a few bills from her pocket and sat them on the bar with a smile to the bartender.  

My phone begins to vibrate again and this time it slithers along the counter without my hand to hold it still.  I quickly snatch it up and hit the side button to stop the intrusion.  

She looks at my phone and for the first time I see her frown.  “You know, you should really get that.”  And with that she hops off of the stool and heads for the exit.

Dumbfounded, I silently fume about her presumptions about my personal life.  The jingle of the door chime broke my internal rant and I downed the last few drops in my glass and pull a few twenties out of my jacket pocket before throwing them on the counter and heading after her.


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