Beverage Therapy (2)
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would not give him the satisfaction of continuing to hurt me, continuing to control me.  Absolutely not.  This was a new town, I had a new name, and a new life.  He would not take that from me.  I wouldn’t let him.

“Um… Excuse me.”  A man’s voice said from somewhere behind my closed eyes.  I opened them to find he was half a dozen tables away but looking right at me.  It was the man with the napkins.  Once we made eye contact he subtly inclined his head to me and gestured with his hand at the chair opposite me.  

I swallowed hard and shook my head.  I needed my space, and this man had no right to infringe upon it, the coffee shop was mostly empty and he could sit elsewhere.  

He didn’t frown, but instead sig...

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