One Day at a Time
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People say it takes one day at a time. Some say one step at a time. But really, who actually does that?

I was once a calendar freak. A schedule-holic. You wouldn't find me without my planner in hand and my favorite black pen. My life was a well-oiled machine. These days you're more likely to see me with a martini and a bottle of Xanax.

I used to have a job I loved, goals, drive, a career path. Every morning I woke up in a panic of what I had to accomplish that day, but I loved the thrill of it. Then I was promoted. And promoted. And promoted again. Then I opened my company. That when the headaches started.

My home life was quiet. Who has time for work-life balance when you're climbing the corporate ladder? I had no husband and no kids. I didn't even have a cat....

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Table of Contents

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