Missing Mrs. Brawnshall
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He drops his bag by the front door and clips the edge of it with his foot, sending it slamming against the frame. A small light is on across the room, a remnant of her watching out for him. He shivers as the cold air chills his bones, and his eyes are drawn to the curtains waving in the breeze coming in through the window. He quickly stomps over and slams the window down. He turns toward the kitchen and sees a small blue blinking light. His shoulders tense, and he rubs his eyes roughly. He sees a handset and picks it up off of the side table and sits down heavily on the sofa. He jams the button and pushes it to his ear.


Justin it's your mother, I am – he groans and deletes the message.


Hello, Mr. Brawnshall, this is Universal Bank, we'd like to offer y...

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Table of Contents

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