Dorm Room Drama
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"Ah!" A scream ripped through the quiet dorm. "Ah! Jane, you have to help me!"

Jane, heart racing from the screaming, looked up from her calculus book at Namara in her doorway. "Dang, Namara! You gave me a heart attack!" She looked at her best friend in the door and shouted a laugh. Namara was standing in her underwear; makeup was done up like a painted lady and hair like she'd been electrocuted. "WTF Namara, what did you do!?"

Namara sobbed once but quickly stifled it back to protect her finished makeup. "I – I don't know." She plopped herself down on the bed next to Jane in a cloud of perfume. "I used a new hairspray, and it was supposed to give volume to my horrible, stringy hair, but instead I look like swamp thing!"

Jane s...

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Table of Contents

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