A Presidential Pardon
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"Angelica, take a note for me, dear."

"Yes, Mr. President." A young mousy woman said clicking her pen open and pulling out her sticky notes.

"Ahem," the President coughed, "on this day, 20 November," Angelica began scribbling his message out as fast as her fingers would allow it. "I do hereby, and forthwith, grant a presidential pardon –"

She pulled the top piece of paper off and stuck it to her leg.

"To Billy the Buck, star-runner extraordinaire for the Casablanca Bucks."

Angelica looked up her pen hesitating above the notepad. "Sir?"

The President ignored her and continued, "he shall be henceforth innocent of any and all acts of treason involving Lucas the Lion." He smiled to himself and looked over at his...

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