Undeserving Attention
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I watched from afar as one of the most average women I've ever seen walked down the street past me. She wasn't average in a negative way; she was beautiful. Shorthair, creamy and golden to her shoulders, curvy and dressed smartly. Her legs were shown off respectively in heels and a dressy pencil skirt, but by the way she held herself, I wasn't sure if she knew of her beauty. I soon learned why.

I watch from a coffee shop across the street, as she dug through her purse and eventually pulled out her cell phone. She dialed and put it to her ear before looking up at the high-rise above her. I saw her flinch before nodding her head and ending the call. She slipped her phone back into her bag before fidgeting with her outfit. She looked nervous.

A few minutes later a tall, handsom...

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