Stolen Things and Stolen Time
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Natalie knocked softly on her professor's office door.

"Come in." Came from deep within.

The room held piles of books, each surface covered in the dusty tomes that sent twinkling dust clouds into the air if disturbed. She trailed her fingers along the stacks as she made her way to the back of the room.

"Professor?" She called into the empty room.

"Yes, yes coming." Came the deep male voice of her teacher from a side chamber. She turned and smiled as he emerged from the tiny room off of the main one. "Apologies, I was elbows deep into a research project."

Natalie smiled, I see that she pointed to his coat that was dusty and flaking into the air as he moved. He blushed and dusted it all off with one quick pat to each elbow. "You cam...

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