My Queen Bey
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"Bey?" The lanky blond woman inquired of the suited man next to her, "You named me Bey?"

The tall and very handsome man grinned ear to ear. "I did! Don't you love it!"

"I get a new name, and you picked Bey?"

"After my Queen! Yes!" He fluttered his long lashes at her before nudging her shoulder with his own.

"You're kidding. Tell me you're kidding. "

"James. Manders. My office!" A balding, overweight man shouted from down the hall. "Now!"

Jessica James stood a bit straighter before she rolled her eyes at her partner, "Manders, Sometimes I really hate you."

"Naw," He asked fanning himself when he caught up with her, "you could never! "

She knew he was righ...

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