A Mother's Pain
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Pacific NW 1852-

Some wounds never heal, reminders are left and scars may fade, but the memories never lessen. Andre pressed her palm against the rough bark of the pine in front of her. She stood atop the highest bluff, the rain drenching her to the bones. Her jet black hair and fancy silk dress, now ruined, hung around her, stained and lifeless. Tears rolled down her cheeks, mingling with the rain as if they never existed. She ran her fingers over the marred surface of the once majestic tree, now as dead and lifeless as the lives it once changed. Lightning flashed in the distance and she shut her eyes.


Pacific NW 1595-

"You cannot do this Dimitri!" She begged.

"He must be punished Andre! You know our laws!"

"But he had nothing to do with...

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