Borrowed Time
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The wind blew through his hair, whipping it into his face and tearing a scream from his lungs.
“WOO!!  Yeah!” 
The red corvette sped down the highway, the stolen wheels zipping through traffic as nimble as a ballerina. Derek turned the volume up on the center console, heavy metal ripping from the speakers and filling the air around the car. He expertly wove between the speeding cars, laughing at their angry faces and waving back in sarcasm. 
In one breath taking swirve he maneuvered from the left lane, three lanes over to exit the freeway.  When he pulled to a stop at the light he clicked a few buttons on the GPS. 
“Canada eh’?  Why not?”  He started the route guidance and leaned back into the seat with a sigh. 
From t...

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