ELELMENT: Chapter 23 (2)
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you admit to making the decisions? James has just been along for the ride. You've dragged him from one place to the next, never even asking how he felt about it all. You never asked him his opinion or let him in on your plans before you made them. When he wanted to heal Sanford you tried to stop him. He had to go after your cousin on his own, fighting you the whole way. You didn't want Sanford healed did you? You wanted the box for yourself. You were hoping James would contract the Lake Drone Syndrome so you could take the box and live on you own.” Granny looks at me pointedly.

“What? No. I did want Sanford healed.”

“Then why didn't you let James go ahead and heal him?” Granny snaps. “I think we're done here.” She says as she stands abruptly...

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