ELEMENT: Chapter 18 (2)
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thirty minutes to Aunt Wora’s house—you can wait.”

“No, Ryan, I mean he’s thoughtless. I can tell by looking at him. I think you’d better pull over,” James says. “I don’t want to get the drone sickness—I like thinking for myself.”

James is making me worried. If Sanford has the sickness, his mom is not going to be happy with us. If we catch the sickness, well, literally the whole world could be at risk.

As soon as I see a wide shoulder that hasn’t cracked or fallen away, I pull over. James and I get out and walk around to the passenger side of the truck to look at Sanford. I feel a wave of panic sweep over me—he’s definitely not well.

“What do we do, Ryan?”

“Give me a minute! When you kee...

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