ELEMENT: Chapter 17 (1)
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Chapter 17


Element- Latin elementum, perhaps pertaining to L M N from the Canaanite alphabet recited by ancient scribes.

For some reason, I’m having a difficult time waking up from the dream. In it, I’m running again, and I see Dad ahead of me, holding an artifact tucked under one arm. He’s waving to me to hurry, but when I turn around, suddenly I’m face-to-face with Director Kayin. I want to wake up, to scream, to escape…but time freezes. I’m forced to look into the never-ending icy pools of her cold blue eyes.

I struggle and fight for I don’t know how long before I can finally lift my lids a tiny crack. That’s when the nightmare gets worse. My arms and legs are strapped down, and I&r...

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