ELEMENT: Chapter 10 (2)
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looks defeated; his shoulders slump as he steps around the man and towards the car. I feel the same way—I could just lay down in the middle of the road and never move again, never get up and fight the world again. But I know that if I do give up—or if I let James give up—we’re letting Madi down. We’d be letting our Mom and Dad down, too. I just can’t do that.

We climb into the car. I manage to get it started and moving jerkily and slowly forward. I see the old man in the mirror, his hand lifted in a wave. I can’t read any emotion on his face as we drive away.

I hear him call after us, “Remember, all governments are trying to control you!”

CE Inkibitz:  It is true that all governments seek to control their citiz...

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