ELEMENT: Prologue
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So you think nuclear energy is clean, sustainable, and renewable? You think the governments of the world know what they are doing with it, that they’re working for your best interests? You are a gullible species…

Yes, once there was a group working for you. They tried to warn you about this pseudoscience, these babies playing with loaded guns. They tried to tell you how to stay safe and at peace, but you wouldn’t listen. You never listen. No matter how many times the human race is on the edge of annihilation, you will keep trusting all the wrong people.

But maybe this time it will be different. Maybe this time the people really will overthrow the controlling governments that use you as pawns in their planet-sized game of chess. Maybe this time the people and reason will prevail.

For your own sake and for the freedom of your minds, we can only hope that this time, reason will prevail above power-hungry, irrational greed. We can only hope that you all will embrace the element of reason.

- Methuselah, 20 years pre-Flood

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