BLACK DOOR Episode 73: Last Ones Through
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"What the hell was that?" Ruiz asked, his breath heaving. "I mean, really, what the hell was that?"

"It just went through the door," Jorgenson added. "We aren't going through after it, are we?"

Moans sounded to either flank, joining those from behind. Garrett moved to Jorgenson and helped with Clarkson's dead weight. "Form up! Silvestri, you lead. Top, you follow. Let's get out of here, people!"

The group burst toward the door, what few weapons they still commanded scanning the ground to either side.

"Just a thought," Jorgenson panted from under the wounded man's arm, "but we could wait, just a sec, so that we don't run into that thing on the other side."

"Go through! Go through!"...

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