BLACK DOOR Episode 71: Double Cross
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The monster cut Grace loose. Just like that. The tentacle in his back snapped away like an electrical cord yanked by the wire, then Grace sagged forward onto his knees. Garrett and Reiser closed on him before he toppled onto his face.

"Top," Garrett said, "you all right?"


Silvestri yelled from behind them. "Cap! We got company! Zombies!"

Garrett glanced up at the smoke monster, still held away by the huge, bristling dog. Its tentacles waved around, but without much energy. "How many?" Garrett called.

"Uh, all of 'em?"

"Bug out. Silvestri, you lead. I'm bringing Top." He heaved Grace more or less onto his feet and maneuvered under his arm. "Run," he said to Reiser. "Fast."


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