BLACK DOOR Episode 65: Open Ground
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Previously, in Black Door: Garrett's team, in the nightmareverse, seeks the force attacking Earth. Led by a mysterious dog, they run along a great pit of forever falling people. Sizemore, already traumatized by his earlier fall in the nightmareverse, suffers a panic attack that renders him useless to the team…

To one side, the edge of the pit. The falling ones reached for it, muscles straining, eyes wide as saucers, their fingers like claws. Not one of them could reach the edge. They weren't there to save themselves. They were there to fall.

To the other side, the mini-mesas rose from a few feet above ground to maybe twice the height of a man. The pallid trees grew among them, forming a fairly solid wall. That left barely a ten-foot-wide path for the tea...

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