BLACK DOOR Episode 61: A Walk in the Weird
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Previously, in Black Door: The team meets the White One, arbiter of all in the Nightmareverse. They insist on locating and dealing with the creature sending monsters through to the Earth's universe. The White One grants them permission and a guide, a black dog.

Garrett looked back at the palace as they left it, drawing in the impression of crystalline pillars, arches, and buttresses that held up nothing. He noted blinking, hostile eyes staring, after him, those eyes glaring from human creatures in fantastical outfits and from their hulking, slouching inhuman brothers.

"I don't know what to think," Silvestri said over comms. "This place don't seem to have any rules. Well, none but that every second's more absurd than the last. How are supposed to do our work if...

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