BLACK DOOR Episode 59: The White One
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The White One stood among them.

Except for Silvestri and Ruiz, all weapons snapped toward the creature.

The creature. So bright, a concentrated force of white and luminance in a matte black world. White smock, white, form-fitting pants, tights, whatever, a long, flowing white hooded cloak, and white boots climbing to the knees as white gloves stretched to the elbows. White, short, spiked hair. Even the entity's skin showed whiter than that of any albino, whiter than a sheet of paper, glacial blue eyes piercing from that stark monochrome. It stood where Henderson had been, only one conclusion to draw from that, and it stood there with infinite regality as if standing there were its only purpose in life.

"Now that I didn't expect," Reiser muttered, then righted herself out fro...

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