BLACK DOOR Episode 57: Hearts and Minds and the Fallen Dead
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Previously, in Black Door: The team, being led to the Crystal Palace by pixies and giant spiders, is attacked by dragons. Many of the pixies are killed...

They arrived at the Crystal Palace barely fifteen minutes later. Distances proved unnerving. Something might seem miles away, but a few steps landed you on its doorstep. Worse, Garrett thought with a tightening at his temples, you couldn't really say how you got there. Terrain made no sense, or rather, the sense the terrain made redefined itself in constant and subtle ways. Like that. Unnerving.

Then they arrived on the threshold of the palace, a place all of spires, pointed arches, colonnades, and curving stairways, all coming out of nowhere, no plan, no discernible purpose. All grown, or sculpted, or assembled from the same g...

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