BLACK DOOR, Episode 56: Fire Superiority
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"Sizemore!" Garrett yelled.

"Way ahead of you!" Sizemore replied, and wrestled a big, dog-bone-shaped tube from Clarkson's back.

Garrett directed fire toward the dragon, his M4 on full automatic. The others joined in, including Henderson, who stood lobbing Shotgun blasts at the monster and laughing the whole time he did it.

The dragon waggled its head, shaking off bullet impacts, then stretched out its neck once more.

"Sizemore! Now!" Garrett called.

"Fire in the hole!"

The FGM-148 Javelin is not a rocket-propelled grenade like the LAW. It's a missile. By comparison, a very big missile. A burst of vapor, the blur of the payload exiting the tube, the flash of rocket ignition, and the dragon blew apart in red spray, hurtling bone,...

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