BLACK DOOR Episode 53: Friendlies?
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"Eglemann, Ratchik, you getting this?" Garrett held the monitor out so that it fell into the field of his helmet cam.

"Receiving," Eglemann's voice came back. "Looks like fairies to me."

"What do we do?"

"I've never dealt with fairies," Eglemann said. "But you've dealt with elves."

Not terribly helpful. Garrett passed the monitor box back to Silvestri then took a moment to stare across the canyon.

They were fairies. They would either titter and fly rings around his head or they'd eat him and all his people alive. Who the hell knew? Well, shooting first at the elves had been a bad move. It had brought an army down upon them and had angered a homicidal Santa Claus. So that was out.

"Cover me,&quo...

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