BLACK DOOR Episode 51: Behind the Enemy Nightmare Line
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Previously, in Black Door: Garrett's team, joined by Sally Reiser, the Seer of God, has crossed into the Nightmareverse.

Garrett came through to that startling black sky, that black sun with the indigo mandala hanging in the dark. The onyx shards ranged to the short horizon, a foul-looking green mist drifting between knives of rock. Silvestri, Top, and Reiser were spread out before him, on their knees, focusing attention and weapons outward.

"No contact," Grace reported as Garrett landed beside him. "No sounds, no nothing except that creepy-looking mist."

"No big dogs?"

"No dogs, no people."

Jorgenson came through, then Sizemore and Ruiz. Each filled a spot in the half-circle of men, reinforcing its strength.


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